Hermès Spring and Summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection

Hermès turned the Orangerie et Jardin du Luxembourg into stunning and lush tropical garden to present their 2014 Spring and Summerready-to-wear collection.

The French maison runway show concluded the 2013 Paris Fashion Week that brought to us the newest and most glamorous fashion trends that we will be seeing next season.

Designer Christophe Lemaire’s newest collection was inspired by the hot tropicsand the works of French post-impressionist artist Henri Rousseau, as the prints and colors reflected the activity of a luxurious jungle.

The collection itself offered relaxed and baggy silhouettes to beat the smothering summer heat with ankle-length and high-waisted skirts in array of colors, including one with a water lily print that also made its way on an original pair of matching boots.

Oversize cotton raincoats for sudden rain showers also were part of the line-up as were loose jumpsuits and linen pant suits and wrap-around dresses, loose and exquisitely styled white blouses.

Obviously Hermés couldn’t forget that they are specialized in leather, so there were sumptuous and supple and soft wrap-around nappa coats and jackets, and also very expensive crocodile skinculottes and suede kaftans.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hermès Spring and Summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection

The iconic French label also had scarf style patterned tops and skirts and talking about their wonderful scarves, Hermés has launched a wonderful iPhone/iPad app called ‘Silk Knots' that is available free on iTunes.

This application teaches scarf lovers how to perfectly tie not only Hermés scarves, but any type of scarf in elegant and unconventional ways. It currently has 20 new Hermés knotting cards(new knotting cards will be added every season) and also includes step-by-step of videos to show you how to do it, so anyone can get it right, even if you have two left thumbs.

Naturally, Hermes have also added a feature that allows you to browse their latest collection.

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