Hermes extravaganza!

Have you, like us, always dreamt of stalking down Bond Street with five Hermes Birkins hanging from your wrist? Well now's your chance to indulge the fantasy. Christies auction house are selling 65 of the world's most exclusive Hermes handbags, dating from the 1960s. The only catch is, with prices £500 to £30,000, you might have to start economising. On food, travel, accomodation. We've already given up our Oyster card.

Pet Frost, head of textiles at Christies, said, 'There really aren't many of these bags left in the world. We are expecting people to bid way over the asking price. There is a massive waiting list for several of the styles featuring in the auction - it's an easy way of jumping the queue but at a premium. The quality of these bags are fantastic and the design is fantastic. People that tend to buy in auctions are more conservative and Hermès pieces fit in with their aesthetic. They tick all the boxes of the people that come to our auctions, being unusual yet subtle at the same time.'

It'll be the most stylish auction in town...

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