Here's to you, Mrs Williamson

It’s nice to know that amongst all the frippery and fabulousness of fashion, family life still counts. Matthew Williamson has admitted to the Times that despite all his success and celebrity designer status, the person his friends most want to get close to is…his mother.

He told the newspaper: ‘I've got armfuls of friends who are closer to my mum than they are to me. They all love her to pieces. She considers Joseph, my business partner as another son. He took her to the cinema the other night and she and my dad often stay with him.’

He also gave credit to his parents for getting him where he is today: ‘Dad did the deliveries and Mum manned the phone and sewed dragonflies on to cashmere cardigans. Later she ran the boutique, and she'd chat with people and make them cups of tea. To this day Kylie will say: 'How's your mum?’

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