Her sk8er days are over

Avril Lavigne has said ‘see you l8er’ to her sk8er girl days, in favour of joining the no less dangerous world of fashion. The emo pop princess has her own line of t-shirts and hoodies called Abbey Dawn, and this week she announced the line would be expanding with a planned show at New York Fashion Week.

According to Fashionista.com, the range will include dresses, jeans, skirts, footwear, handbags, wallets, purses and eyewear. So if you are the sort of person who likes your clothes to come festooned in safety pins, skulls and strategically-placed rips, this may well be the news you have long been waiting for.

Boys will also be relieved to hear that Avril has not forgotten them. She will also be producing a range for men. Presumably so that she and her own beau, Brody Jenner, can be perfectly matched in distressed blacks at those red carpet events. The new Abbey Dawn collection will be shown in New York on September 12 and will, according to the Daily Mail (not sure how they know this) be a ‘high-energy runway fashion show’. Does this mean Avril herself will be providing the music? No one knows yet.

Lavigne is not the only pop star presenting at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Aside from obvious appearance from Victoria Beckham, there will also be a collection from another rock chic – Miss Gwen Stefani, with her label L.A.M.B.

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