Henry Holland, WTF?

He found fame with the launch of a set of irreverent t-shirts inspired by fashion bigwigs (remember Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon?) so it's only fitting that Henry Hollandhas returned to the comfortable embrace of the comic tee for his next venture. The results however, are far from side splitting, apparently inspired by 'catchphrases' he has coined on his micro blogging site. Grazia explains the complex meanings behind the clothes:

'DFW (as in 'Dunno whats going on tonight but just so you know i'm pretty much D.F.W. (down for whatever))' FFS (as in 'On my way to the BRITS in leather pants. FFS' ) CTFO ('Wow. Today did NOT start well. Chanting CTFO over an americano')..WTF ('You know those Ipad things. Does this mean loads of people are going to be walking round with what essentially is just a HUUGE iphone. WTF?!') and a few more.'

Great... Even getting Aggy Deyn and Alexa to sport them is not going to persuade us. Sorry Henners, must try harder.

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