Guide to hen night fashion

So you've got a hen party coming up. Whether you're the hen or one of her friends, getting dressed up for a wild night on the town can be a lot of fun. Here we offer some tips on hen night fashion - all that's left to do is choose a great venue!

There's no escaping it, it's going to be girly

Don't like the colour pink? You may be out of luck! One of the most prominent aspects of hen night fashion is the colour pink - pink dresses, pink wigs, pink feather boas... If you don't want to wear pink from head to toe, go for a little black dress with some Barbie pink heels and a pink bag. You'll look girly without going into overkill.

Do you dare to bear?

They say girls just want to have fun... and most hen night parties feature short hems and low necklines. Of course, there's no obligation to show more flesh than you want to, but hen nights are one of those (few) times when it's perfectly acceptable to break the rule of breasts or legs. It's supposed to be a wild night after all!

Have fun with the accessories

You can normally spot a hen party a mile away. They'll be the ones with glittery wigs, L plates, feather boas, banners, whistles, you name it! Have fun with accessorising and try to organise a little shopping trip in advance of the party so that you can pick out some fun items to keep the girls coordinated.

Remember, it's all about fun

The most basic rule of hen night fashion is to forget about fashion and style. Hen nights are all about looking a bit wacky, having a laugh and embarrassing the hen! So keep that designer dress in the wardrobe for the wedding - it's likely to be a messy night...

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