Helena Christensen latest photo shoot

Heat seems to back on the original Supermodels. We are talking about those eternally lean, perfect bodies and stunning facial features that have dominated the fashion industry since back in the 80s: Carla Bruni, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schifferand, of course, Helena Christensen. Fashion icon, celebrity, model cum photographer, Danish Peruvian Helena P recently shot back into half of the world's dreams thanks to a music video she interpreted for the song Wicked Games by Chris Isaak.

The FutureClaw photo shoot

One year later, and Helena is back to sexy in a set of pictures shot at her New York appartment. The photo shoot, by fashion photographer by Gregory Derkenne, portraits the Supermodel in her own habitat, dressed (or un-dressed!) in her own clothes. Apparently the shoot was real fun for the Christensen, who enjoyed going through all her closets in search of the perfect piece of clothing.

Not content, she also rummaged the whole of her eclectic home in search of props – one for all, her son's pet lizard, now featuring on the front page of FutureClaw magazine. The resulting pictures are so appealing that the FutureClaw website happily crashed away, giving to the photo shoot even more resonance. In the interview that accompanies the piece, Helena Christensen speacks out her total lack of interest in social networks such as Twitter, so popular amongst fellow celebrities: real life is simply too interestingly busy to waste time on virtual life.

Fair enough, Helena, we possibly agree with this quite smackingly old school stand. On the other hand, we are unsure about the way the press celebrated the photo shoot in question, bringing it as the proof the Supermodel can still show off the perfect body of 20 years ago.


Beautiful doesn't mean flawless

Helena Christensen is in her 40s, which means she's nowhere near the downfall of her physical beauty but, on the other hand, such a spotless figure and flawless complexion as appears in the lastest photo shoot can be too easily achieved via airbrushing and similar tricks. In the end of the day, we are talking about photos, and photography never really meant to depict the exact thruth. We should never forget that.

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