Heidi to the rescue

Heidi Klum has offered some excellent advice to those wanting to know the secret to maintaining youthful looks: 'Wear sunscreen, get a lot of sleep, eat well, stay active, enjoy your life and smile a lot. That's good advice at any age!'. The supermodel has launched her own fashion line which, she tells LOOK magazine, is designed to 'fill a gap' in women's wardrobes.

She said: 'I felt it could fill a gap in not only mine, but most women's wardrobes. We all have a great pair of jeans or a little black dress but when we want to look stylish running to the shops we don't have those staple pieces we can put on and feel great in.'

Despite having one of the longest careers in the modelling business, not to mention several successful forays into TV presenting and producing, Klum seems far removed from the usual starry celebrity ego: 'I'm a wife and mum who balances work and family. On an average day I'm dropping the kids off at school, going to meetings, then taking the kids to karate class.' She explains that this is precisely what led her to fashion design: 'I need pieces that can take me from each of these scenarios looking effortless and stylish. I designed with the idea of creating perfect basics - clothes that would become the uniform of my daily life. I used stylish, comfortable and luxurious fabrics to create flattering silhouettes.'

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