Have a fun ski trip wearing nothing but Columbia ski ear

Columbia Sportswear Company is the largest American manufacturer of ski wear. It was founded by Paul Lamfrom in 1938. Known for good quality in clothing, Columbia uses very good fabric technology in its apparels that’s why it reigns supreme until today. Try to look into the official website www.columbiasportswear.co.uk and you can find complete Columbia ski wear for both men and women, and even for the little ones. These lovely pieces of clothing are really affordable and great for winter trips. Men’s ski jackets can cost from £130 up to £300. Tights are only £45 but if you’re not really into wearing tights, then go for the loose fit pants that will cost around £130 to £180. Columbia ski wear for women are just about the same prices as men’s.

You might also be interested to look at the fabulous footwear that Columbia has in store. These rugged winter boots are exactly what enthusiastic adventurers need. It is made for extreme cold conditions and definitely affordable. Get a pair for as low as £95. While you’re at it, take a look at some accessories as well. Columbia also has a range of beanies, gloves and hats that come in different colours to go perfectly with your ski outfit.

For more information on Columbia Sportswear, visit the official website as mentioned above. You will be amazed to know the different types of advanced clothing technology this company is using to develop their products. Have fun on your ski trip!

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