Havaiana espadrilles flip flops

Havaiana espadrilles flip flops are snazzy Brazilian-made footwear that were first produced in 1962. The flip flop’s design was inspired by the Japanese sandal called Zori that was among the first summer shoes made from plastic. Since its first entry into the scene in 1962, Havaiana has rapidly grown in popularity around the word for its practicality, affordability and stylish design.

In 2009, Havaiana espadrilles finally arrived in Europe and it has grown to become a one of Europe's most popular, must-have summer accessory.

Why you need Havainas

Both celebrities and ordinary summer enthusiasts rock the Havaiana look every year and it is not difficult to see why the footwear hype has caught on so well. Havaiana flip flops feature an extremely comfortable sole that is flexible, durable and very reliable. The trademark sole feels nice and spongy under the feet, allowing you to enjoy long summer holiday treks in comfort along coastal shores, beaches or the streets and cities of holiday destinations.

The open, upper fabric design of the flip flops also means you will always be fresh in a Havaianas no matter how long you have been out in the summer heat. The flip flops are smell free. Best of all, these high fashion footwear products are not only trendy, fashionable and durable, but also highly affordable. Havaiana espadrilles effortlessly give you a distinctive, stylish and simple summer look that integrates seamlessly with modern fashion trends. You will be pleased to learn that this great product sells for a low low price.

What to wear Havaianas

Wear some of the popular Havaiana espadrilles styles like the recently introduced Havaianas flip flops and willies with summer tops or t-shirts, shorts and a cool pair of shades to pull off an an absolutely attractive summer look. Be sure to choose some of the vibrant and wacky colours varieties the brand offers to bring out your personality and the true spirit of the summer festive season.

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