Classic men’s fashion hats

Hats have been a clothing staple for many years and for good reason too. They cover the head against the elements, keep us warm and have strong fashion symbolism. In the past, hats were used to indicate social status and class. Today, they indicate fashion sense and style. Men have a variety of stylish hats to choose from. Here we look at some of the best options available to men.

Stylish, vintage men's hats

Every man has his own personality and style. The hats in this list are classics that satisfy different men's fashion styles and personalities in the 21st century.


In the early 20th Century, fedora hats were very popular among women. They were a necessary fashion accessory for women in the upper-class of society. It was not until the 1920’s that the hats gained popularity among men. In the 20th Century, the hats are more popular with the male population.

Men’s fedora hats are made from soft felt. They have a narrow brim that goes all the way around with the front part pinched on both sides. A hat band often features with a lengthwise crease appearing down the crown. Wear the hat to flatter any outfit and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Flat hats

In popular culture, flat hats are associated with city newsboys. The hats were universally popular with boys and working class men from all classes in 19th and early 20th century United Kingdom and North America. The hat has maintained its appeal over the years among segments of the male population.

The hat is made from tweed or wool with the inside lined with silk for warmth and comfort. It slants toward the front and is distinguished by its small brimming front. It is often worn back-to-front by young men in the hip hop subculture as well as worn in the regular way by the more mature men. Wear it the way you like for a stylish yet classic look and feel.


Ascot hats or Lippincott caps are versatile caps that are well suited for colder months. Their warm, far felt style dates back to the 1900’s when the original design became popular among men. The hat features a rounded flat shape similar to a flat hat that is distinguished by its hardness throughout.

The hat is made from wool or felt perfect for winter months. Straw ascots are also available to cater for the warmer summer months. It comes in one colour that matches well with fabrics such as tweed and corduroy. Men who want to achieve a look of sophistication, style and class in a dressy silhouette can choose their ascot design from brand names, such a Kangol or Bailey.

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