Hanwag Walking Boots, strong on comfort.

Hanwag Walking Boots, strong on comfort.

There probably isn’t a finer product than Hanwag walking boots for durability and comfortable footwear for the serious hill walker or hiker.  Rugged but stylish, a pair of Hanwag boots are both practical and fashionable at the same time.  The British army and the police force use them because of their reputation for outstanding reliability and comfort.  They are waterproof but also allow the feet to breathe due to the special Gore-tex inner lining and are finished in a nubuck outer shell.  From military personnel to the avid outdoor walker or adventure sports enthusiast these boots are ideal as they can stand up to quite a lot of punishment.

Also they are designed to support the ankles very well on unstable inclines like hills or slippery surfaces near waterways or when traversing hill streams.  Military styled boots are becoming very fashionable again these days and can look a lot more stylish than the old Doc Martens boots which may not appeal to every boot wearer’s taste so Hanwag seem to have gotten the formula right.  The boots can be worn for rugged outdoor pursuits as well as being bought primarily as a fashion statement.

One website that caught my eye is called: gooutdoors.co.uk.  They carry a broad range of outdoor pursuit clothing, footwear and associated accessories.  One pair of their Hanwag boot range particularly stood out - the Hanwag Tatra GTX walking boots. They are being sold and at a very competitive price too.  The boots look durable and stylish and could be worn at many different occasions and also worn for outdoor pursuits if that is your preference.  Take a look soon because these boots will soon be walking!

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