H&M Valentine's Day 2014 low cost gifts for her

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The collections and the capsule collection at H&M are an endless source of Valentine's Day gift ideas but also, why not, fabulous treats that we can get ourselves as instantaneous mood up-lifter! You can start taking a look at the proposals for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2014, a taste of the leading trends and atmospheres that will accompany us into the summer.

If you want to buy (or make someone buy you!) a low cost Valentine's Day gift take a trip to any H&M store: the Swedish brand proposes a variety of items of clothing and accessories inexpensive and widely affordable. At the moment you can find on the shelves clothes that H&M created for Spring-Summer 2014 or the Winter 2014 collection with the sales still on, and then the special line dedicated to Valentine's Day outfits, whimsical and very romantic.

The underwear collection for Valentine's Day is really adorable, there are outfits in lace and tulle, light-colored and with delicate floral prints or black and white, beautiful accessories such as garters and negligee, perfect for a romantic evening of seduction. Even if you have plenty of lingerie you can still take a look at the new H&M capsule collection dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 – every piece features the colours of the Swedish flag, but the leaders of the collection are universally gorgeous!

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H&M also presents us with fabulous fashion footwear inspired by the great Parisian shoe designers: black with jewelled heels, red sandals decorated with fringes, black ones with thin anckle straps and plenty of pumps and wedges to suit all tastes.

Take a trip to your H&M store for this Valentine's Day and, and be reassured, you won't be coming back empty handed!

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