H&M to halt production of angora products after rabbit torture video

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Thanks to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and other animal rights activists we’ve all seen how inhumanely animals are being treated in Chinese fur farms.

China supplies more than half of the finished fur that is exported to numerous countries and 90  per cent of the world’s supply of angora wool.

The latest hair raising, stomach turning video and photos to come out of China, documents how beautiful angora rabbits are having their fur literally ripped off their live bodies while they scream in pain and go into extreme shock.

This is what angora rabbits have to endure every three months for two to five years - in order to give the world the soft and silky angora wool that most of us have worn in some form or another.

PETA is now campaigning that shoppers boycott buying garments that contain angora hair and a number of petitions to this effect have popped upall over the web, requesting that all fashion makers ban and removeangora made products from their various collections.

"Please take the time to read the label on that sweater or scarf," said PETA Asia vice president Jason Baker in a statement.

"If it says 'angora', remember the gentle rabbits whose fur was cruelly ripped out of their skin -- and then leave the item on the rack."

Following the outrage, Swedish fashion giant H&M - who does have a number angora wool garments - and after guaranteeing that their “products made of angora rabbit hair came from farms with good animal husbandry,” has now decided to check more closely their fur and wool sources and is halting production on angora.

"We are halting production" of angora products, said H&M spokeswoman Camilla Emilsson Falk. "We need to check to be sure if the producers are conforming to our standards," she said.

However, it seems that the retailer will not being removing any angora products that are already in their stores.

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