H&M drops Cara Delevingne from its roster of models

Without a doubt Cara Delevingne is the model of the moment, and also a tabloid darling because of her rather interesting lifestyle, and a certain photograph that was taken last May, may be the real reason why the British model is no longer collaborating with H&M.

If you aren’t a Delevingne watcher or have been living as a hermit without any access to TV, Internet, or heaven forbid haven’t seen a gossip rag in these last months, the darling Miss Delevingne was snapped as she accidently dropped a small baggie containing a ‘mysterious white powder’ outside her home, which she then tried to clumsily hide.

The ‘incriminating’ photo obviously spread like wildfire, with not so veiled suspicions that the white powder contained in the nickel bag was cocaine.

When the picture was taken, Cara made no comment, and H&M (but no other fashion label) was reported to be investigating, and said it'd "evaluate the evidence" before making any decisions about the model.

Fast forward to August and a statement released by a spokesperson for H&M regarding Cara:

"She is not a model with us, and I think there was a misunderstanding that she was the face of H&M. We just used her for a show".

"At this moment in time, I don't know [if we will use her again], but not for any particular reason."

Since H&M is famous for their zero tolerance policy towards drugs, and notably dropped Kate Moss after she was photographed snorting coke, so people put 1+1 together, and came to the ‘conclusion’ that Cara was dropped by the Swedish retailer for allegedly using drugs.

H&M then released a further statement:

“We are not currently using Cara Delevingne in any of our campaigns. As a policy, H&M does not typically place models under contract that extends beyond a single campaign.”

Which appears to be true, judging from all their previous campaigns.

Delevingne, however, won’t be missing the H&M contract, as she is appearing in numerous other 2013-2014 Fall and Winter ad campaigns from DKNY, Fendi to Mulberry, so other designers and labels don’t have the same qualms as H&M, and her career is hotter than ever.

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