Hand-crafted Hermes

For the uninitiated, fashion appears fully furnished, adorning a model's form as he or she parades down the catwalk, heralding in a new era of inspiration and intricate ideas for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. What happens behind the doors of major fashion labels, and in particular, inside the workshops of those crafting the couture with their bare hands, remains an esoteric mystery.

So when Koto Bolofo, photographer 'par excellence' to the House of Hermès, befriended the elusive head of one of France's most respected labels, Jean-Louis Dumas and was allowed access to the brand's devoted team of ateliers, the industry held its breath.

The result, we hear from Wallpaper, is 'La Maison', a photographic tome/homage to 'raw luxury' as Bolofo himself put it, featuring the beguiling relationship between craftsman and unfashioned material:

'Do we really understand that word [raw luxury]? Do we understand the precision it takes? How a person tears the leather away with might?', he muses. The resulting body of work is a pairing of craft for craft - a craftsman in the midst of a mind-boggling hand-stitching manoeuvre, matched with Bolofo's own simple manual knack for capturing this.'

Definitely an asset to your coffee table, if not to your ongoing quest for genuine artisan perfection.

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