Halter neck summer- let's make it happen

It's a halter neck summer, the phrase we live to hear! Thank God the time has finally come to cast aside the woolly jumpers and tights. Spring has come in with a bang and the soaring heat levels see the female form starting to emerge from underneath layers of clothing. Possibly one of the most versatile and staple items in summer fashion would have to be a halterneck top. One of the few tops that can be dressed up or down, worn on the beach or in a club but always flattering no matter what shape you may be.

Cleavage enhancing, they display arms and shoulders proudly.. They highlight a tan or piece of jewellery. Wear with this years maxi skirt for an instant fashion injection or team with a pair of denim cut offs and flip flops for a casual but stylish approach to the day.

This is a good time to start your summer beauty regime. Start exfoliating regularly to ensure every part of you will be in tip top condition and most pharmacies have special offers on false tans and suncreams around this time of year. Don't leave it too late or you'll regret it!!

Get ready to make this your halterneck summer!! Any retailer will have the ideal halterneck top to suit your needs and budget. Chiffon and cotton are a good choice for evening wear but cotton is equally suitable for day wear. A light blazer or pretty cardigan can be thrown over your shoulders in the evening if at an event such as a barbecue. Stylish wraps also provide a buffer against later evening chills. It's time to invest in some summer fashion for yourself!

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