How to do Halloween fancy dress costumes on the cheap

Are you sick of turning up to a Halloween party only to find that someone else is wearing the same costume as you (and maybe even wearing it better)? Or do you hate spending so much money on an outfit that you can only wear for one night? We all love dressing up for Halloween, but surely there is a better option than forking out a small fortune for a generic, store-bought fancy dress costume.

You can get some great costumes in the shops, and with a little customisation you'll have original and totally unique Halloween fancy dress costumes.

If you're going as a television character, try to replicate their look with clothes you already have. You might be surprised by what's lurking in the back of the wardrobe! A few key pieces - such as wigs, glasses or props - can be bought cheaply online or at a local store.

A classic home made costume is the mummy. All you need is a couple of toilet rolls! Some spooky make up around the eyes will really add a wow factor.

Never underestimate the power of the humble sheet. From togas to ponchos, all you need is a sheet and some clever accessories to get a really amazing costume. Plus your creativity will really make your friends jealous!

What about your favourite animal? Dress in coloured clothes and paint whiskers onto your face and voilà! You'll find cheap ears and tails on fancy dress websites or in local dress up shops around Halloween.


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