Cool Halloween costumes ideas for teenage girls

Halloween is a great time to put on your costumes and party. Trick or treating, going to balls or simply hanging out with friends are just some of the ways teenyboppers can enjoy the holiday. If you’re planning a soiree with your friends or mates, here are Halloween costumes ideas for teenage girls.

Be creative

If you’re ready to be creative and willing to take the plunge, here are some Halloween costumes ideas for teenage girls that you can buy from shops or do yourselves:

  • Dress up as your favourite TV or movie stars

Whether you’re Emma in Pretty Little Liars, Katniss from the Hunger Games, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, you’ll find several costume ideas for teenage girls. Emulate Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries or your very own character from The Sims.

  • Fantasy stories

Alice in Wonderland is one character which is loved by girls. Or play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Invite a special someone so you can dress up as Tinker Bill and Peter Pan for a cool appearance. You can also show up to a party dressed as Zelda or Pickachu.

  • Try manly costumes

Why not try to dress up as Bruno Mars or the cool Superman? There are certainly plenty of ideas floating around if you want to have a ball at the party. You can also play Obama, the Pope, Nelson Mandela and several other influential leaders who have made an impact on you.

  • Spooks, gothic and vampire costumes

Of course, Halloween is also about being scary, spooky and even macabre. Try to go as a vampire, zombie or a she devil. Alternatively, look cute in a pretty witch costume or in an adorable monster costume.

Have fun

Remember Halloween is a time to play out your fantasies or just have fun with friends. You can get any look you desire from cute and spooky to mean or just plain you. With several options as Halloween costumes ideas for teenage girls, that time of the year can be your best day ever.

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