Halloween costumes for dogs ideas

Halloween Day is just around the corner and while many of you are thinking of dressing up for parties and celebrations or go trick and treating, there’s a bunch of your pals that’s left out of the fun. Why not take your furry friends to the party and dress them up in Halloween costumes for dogs?

Costume suggestions

Your canine friends can have fun, too with cool Halloween costumes for dogs. Here are a few of costume ideas that you might look at:

  • Classic dog costumes

Let the fun begin and dress up your dog as a Mini Pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern, Skeleton, Witch, Mini Monster or a Vampire Dog. You can also opt for a devil, ghost or angel costume. There’s even a 'Grrroovy Dog Costume' for a trip down memory lane as well as retro outfits for your friends. You will not run out of ideas when you have these wonderful garments for your beloved pets.

  • Animal costumes

Dogs might also love to play other roles such as animals. Take a mouse, bat, lizard, tortoise or Animal Planet shark costumes to see which ones they like best. Consider the Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog Costume or the Walrus Dog Costume. Note that your dogs should also feel comfy in their costumes so they can enjoy the celebration.

  • Movie and TV costumes

What about letting your dogs dress up as Elvis, the Wizard of Oz Tin Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Dora the Explorer and the Flintstones? Maybe, your dogs have favourites. Dress them up as characters from Sponge bob Squarepants and Shrek to the Jetsons Astro Dog and Star Wars Darth Vader.


Halloween costumes for dogs are not only limited to characters on movies and TV shows. You can also opt for a theme costume and have fun dressing up your pets as superheroes, princesses or pirates. For best deals and variety, try Party City (partycity.com), Joke (jokers.co.uk), Costume Craze (costumecraze.com), Amazon and Ebay. Prices start at £9.45.

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