Dress it Up with Hairdressing Accessories in UK

Hairdressing accessories in UK are what are commonly called hair accessories. This means that they are used either to style your hair or to decorate it somehow. These are the items that any woman has in her bag no matter what her age.

Types of Accessories

The hair accessories include hair slides, hair clips, hair grips, hair claws, hair pins, hair hooks, hair bands, hair bobbles, hair nets, hair combs, hair clamps, hair sticks, and banana pins. All of these accessories are classified according to how they work. Their names are generally suggestive enough in this respect.

Diversity of Shapes and Sizes

Each category of hair accessory can be decorated differently to fit any occasion from casual to formal. The same applies for the colours, styles, finishes, sizes and shapes. The majority of these items can be used by children, as well as by adults. The materials that they are made of are: metal, plastic, wood, stone, elastic, feathers, pearls, crystals and beads.

Price Expectations

Because hair accessories are so diverse, the prices vary as well. Here are price ranges for some of the most common categories of accessories:

  • Hair slides range from £0.50 to £3.00
  • Hair bands start at £1.50 and end at £10.00
  • Hair combs cost minimum £8.00 and maximum £40.00
  • Hair bobbles are probably the cheapest and range from £0.35 to £2.50
  • Wedding tiaras can cost as little as £5.00 and as much as £30.00

The prices for hairdressing accessories in UK vary from one product to another and depend very much on the quality that you are interested in.

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