Best hair straiteners

With so many new hair straiteners out there we decided to find out the top 5 hair straighteners on the market right now.

At number 5 is Nutriheat hair straighteners. They prevent the damage that straightening can do to hair by releasing shine enhancing silk proteins from its ceramic plates during the straightening process. Too bulky for an overnight bag means this very good iron is not quite good enough. £79.99 on Amazon.com.

The Nicky Clarke hair straightener is number 4 on our list. Boasting an elegant slim design it glides through even the most curly of hair. Easy to pack into an over night bag it takes a long time to heat up and this means more time waiting to style your hair. £145.19 on Strawberrynet.com.

3rd place goes to the Mark Hill ceramic stylers. Funky pink and black colours and magnetic plates means a unique style. The draw back of the magnetic super hot plates is that they can leave hair dry and straw like. £64.99 from Stawberrynet.com.

The Corioliss C2 Ultra Slim Digital Straightener in 2nd place and only misses out on top spot by cost. Its equal to the GHD is every way. £119.99 from BeautyBay.com.

The GHD classic model is number one on our list of hair straiteners. Small enough to be brought every where and with the new designs and colours you can be sure to find the perfect unit for you. £84 from Amazon.com

Happy shopping!

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