The Best of the Best in Hair Straigteners

  • Remington.co.uk

The search is over, the best hair straigteners to date have been found and waiting for you to try them. If you are sick of straighteners that are hard to hold, have cords that twist when you move, and take forever to heat up, then it’s time for a switch. Remington and Cloud Nine have outdone themselves this time, providing new flat irons that perform beautifully and give professional results each time you use them.

Remington Pearl Straighteners

Remington’s new Pearl line, consisting of a hair straightener for £79.99, a curling wand for £24.99 and a hair dryer for £34.99 puts the luxe in luxurious hair tools today. You can find all three online at Remington.co.uk or Boots.com, as well as a variety of your favourite shops.

This hair straightener has a slick new design that works as good as it looks. Extracts of real pearl incorporated into the ceramic plates make hair smoother and styles last longer than other hair straighteners.

With a variable heat setting that is digitally controlled for a temperature up to 235C, it takes only ten seconds to heat up and ready for use. In addition to that, there is no need to worry about whether you shut it off after leaving the flat; the auto-shut off function goes into effect after sixty minutes of non-use.

Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners

Instead of offering just one version of their innovative straighteners, Cloudninehair.com is offering three – The Cloud Nine Iron original, The Cloud Nine Wide Iron, and The Cloud Nine Micro Iron.

The Cloud Nine Iron runs for £129.95 and is suitable for all hair types. It has innovative temperature control that allows you to straighten or curl your hair at lower temperatures than other hair straighteners.

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron is available for £129.95 also but with plates that are wider. It is ideal for hair that is very long or thick, or hair that is extremely curly. It offers the same temperature technology but allows more hair to be styled faster.

The Cloud Nine Micro Iron comes with a free exclusive case can be purchased for £54.95. It has all the technology and adds the same shine to hair that the others do, just in a more compact body. It is ideal for travelling and works great on shorter styles and fringes.

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