Pump Up the Volume of Your Coif with Hair Pads

If you are looking for a way, other than teasing, to raise your hair, then hair pads can certainly help. These nifty hair accessories can give your hair a little bit of lift or a lot, depending on how you wear them and what size you choose.

The Newest Hairstyle

Singer Any Winehouse hit the music charts with her smoky, soulful voice, but she also hit the fashion charts with her individual fashion style. Not since the 60s has the beehive hairstyle seen so much action. The days of teasing hair into mountains (and horrendous un-teasing!) had been long gone until she revived the idea and made it stylish again. Now, every female who wants to wear the latest fashion needs to also sport the latest hairstyle.

Bump It Up

To get big hair these days, there is no need to spend hours teasing and hair spraying your hair. With the invention of hair bumps it is relatively easy to give the hair on the top of your head a nice boost. They are made of plastic and affix to your head like a hair comb. You place a part horizontally across your head, just in front of where you want to place the hair bump. Pull the front portion to the front of your face, place the bump, and fan the front portion of hair out over the bump to conceal it. Voila! Instant lift, volume, and style. Add a few sparkling hair pins and you’re ready for a night on the town.

Where to Get Hair Bumps

You can find hair bumps almost everywhere, especially where you find hair accessories. ASDA, drug stores and other large retailers often carry them. There are generally two manufacturers on the market. You can find them online at eBay and Amazon and they cost around £10 for a set of three. Other retailers sell them individually for around £0.99. Hair pads are every woman’s dream for easy, big hair.

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