Have you heard of hair huggers?

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Hair huggers, also known as double or stretch combs, are a relatively new accessory and one which once you have used them, you will wonder how you did without them. Transforming long hair into a sleek bun or up do, or providing a solution on those days when washing, drying and styling are out of the question, hair huggers will quickly become an essential part of your hairstyling kit.

Hair huggers can best be described as being two hair combs joined back to back by a elasticated webbing. The combs can be fastened into the hair and the webbing clings, or literally hugs, on to the hair that is to be contained. This is reminiscent of a bun net but is far more attractive and stylish and can add glamour to a hair style.

Hair huggers come in a variety of styles from quite plain and discrete to glitzy and very decorative. They could be worn to the office or to glam up an outfit for a special occasion such as a wedding. They are extremely easy to use and fit into a handbag or washbag, taking up little space. You can buy hair huggers from a variety of outlets. Accessories shops such as Monsoon Accessorize or Claire's Accessories and the accessories section of department stores have a good selection as do larger pharmacies such as Boots.

You could also try online retailers such as eBay or Amazon who now seem to source just about anything you could ever want! You could also visit an online hair product retailer such as hairzing.com or totalbeauty.com.Hair huggers are very reasonably priced, retailing for as little as £1 in some places. Beaded versions are amongst the most popular,being subtle and versatile enough for both daytime and evening wear.

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