Hair Hooks: A Modern Touch

Hair hooks can be hair tie hooks or simple hair hooks. They are not used as often as other accessories. A simple hair hook resembles the old Celtic hair combs, while the tie hook is an adaptation of the classic elastic.

Types of Hair Hooks

Hair tie hooks are hair accessories that are sometimes called hair bungees. They are elastic bands with metallic hooks at each end. They come generally in most hair colours as they are designed to blend with your hair and be somewhat invisible.

Three hair pins held together by a metallic detail make a simple hair hook. They are used mainly for decorative purposes. They can’t hold hair together or something similar. They are inserted in a comb or in a braiding as an ornament.

Where to Buy

Hair tie hooks can be bought online, but not necessarily from the stores that sell hair accessories. Amazon is a good source and also websites such as cgi.ebay.co.uk. The simple hair hook is available on websites like novodistribuciones.com, shop.bikerbettys.com, caboodle.com.

Price Expectations

A pair of four hair tie hooks can’t cost more than £4.00 no matter where you buy them from. They are relatively cheap, but are not easy to find if you were looking for hair accessories. But if you search for hair bungee it is more likely that you will find them. A simple hair hook depending on how sophisticated the details, can cost between £15 and £30. Thus hair hooks are not the cheapest hair accessories, but they are not the most expensive either.

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