Which Celebs are Rocking Hair Combs

Hair fashion trends go in and out of style all the time. Some hair accessories like the hair band fade in and out (currently being very in) while others like the scrunchie are gone forever (only worn in the privacy of one’s home). However, hair combs keep evolving to fit every decades fashion trend. And, these celebrities have figured out how to rock their hair combs with glam and finesse.

Rhinestone Hair Combs Rock

Amanda Holden showed how glamorous a low side bun could be when accented with rhinestone hair combs. She chose a hair comb in a wave design that flowed with the contour of the bun and added a sparkle to her look.

Emily Blunt wore a side comb to complement her one-shoulder dress. Using hair combs on the same side as the strap keeps the look flowing from hair to dress smoothly. The choice of rhinestones stood out against her dark hair and the intricate designs on the comb added elegance to the look.

Eva Longoria is notorious for her fashion sense and the fact that she can make anything look good. Her choice of a rhinestone and pearl hair comb confirmed her sense of style. Hair combs are perfect ways to accent updos and for Eva, placing it just to the side of an elegant updo gave a subtle yet outstanding chic look.

But hair combs are not just for accenting updos or for the side of the head. Kate Hudson proved that hair combs could be front and centre and look smashingly good. She stepped out with a rhinestone sunburst designed hair comb that matched perfectly with her rhinestone encrusted gold dress.

Of course, sometimes a red-carpet updo deserve nothing less than red-carpet hair combs. Leighton Meester gave everyone something to gossip and rave about when she stepped out in her glitzy tiara hair comb. Looking just like a prom queen with the hair and dress to go with it, she rocked that tiara hair comb with grace and style.

The next time you are stepping out for the night, don’t forget to go through your hair combs and pick out one that is going to rock your own style and make you shine.


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