Hair clips and accessories in the UK

Accessories for your hair are great value for money and can really dress up an otherwise plain looking outfit! Buy Hair clips and accessories in the UK now and be the centre of attention from all your friends!

Log onto Jaffa hair and you could purchase a great variety of hair accessories including a handmade pink and grey striped hair clip. This clip would suit any hair colour and would give a gorgeous look to any up do – log online now and this beautiful clip could be yours from £12.50.

If you are looking for the perfect occasion accessory, why not log onto Jaffa hair now and you could purchase a stunning lace and sequined hair clip. This clip has a brooch pin fastener so you can use it to wear in your hair, but it has the multi option so you could add a touch of style and pin it to your clothes, all this from as little as £9.95.

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit then why not try logging onto Stone Bridge and buy a shiny bauble scrunchie. This accessory would dress up any a ponytail and is so easy to add to your hair. This great looking hair scrunchie is comfortable in your hair and looks great for any occasion. The best thing is it can also be worn as a bangle so you will defiantly get your money’s worth from £10.75.

Buy your hair accessories online now and jazz up any outfit!

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