From Ordinary to Dazzling with Hair Bun Accessories

Hair buns are not just for ballerinas any more. The latest looks today are the messy and side buns, although a chic neat bun is still very in style. The easiest way to turn a simple bun into something dazzling is to add hair bun accessories to the look. Forget the scrunchie look that was so popular a decade ago, the newest hair bun accessories will show off your fashion sense.

Wrap it

The latest in hair bun accessories is the faux hair scrunchie. This is a band of fake hair that you wrap around the bun to give it a fuller look. Faux hair scrunchies can be fluffy, plaited or smooth and when wrapped around a bun make it stand out and give it a smart chic look.

If you are not into fake hair, consider a strand of pearls or a simple piece of ribbon. Something as simple as a ribbon tied around a hair bun can transform it instantly.

Stick it

Hair bun accessories like combs, pins, and sticks are all easy ways to add a touch of glam to an ordinary bun. Slide a rhinestone hair comb off to one side of the hair bun to add instant glamour. Stick decorative hair sticks through the bun for a smart look. Hair pins with flowers are perfect for hair buns that are off to the side.

Cover it

Bun covers are unique hair bun accessories because they can be intricate with pearls and jewels. On the other hand, they can be simple like crocheted designs or a scarf wrapped over and around the bun.

For a formal event, try a bejewelled bun with rhinestones to cover the whole bun and add a few strings of small pearls to wrap around it and dangle at the bottom.

Mess it up

Messy buns are on the runway, the red carpet and in the office today and the best hair bun accessories to complement the messy look are the Alice bands. You can choose to wear one, two, three or more Alice bands at once.

Create your messy bun by keeping volume and a bit of a bouffant look on the crown. Place one or several Alice bands a few inches or centimetres apart so the pouffe is seen between each hair band for an instant glamorous look.


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