A Hair Bobble: A Touch of Innocence

Out of the many hair accessories, a hair bobble accompanies you from childhood to adult life. It is one of the simplest solutions of bringing your hair together. It is not an elegant solution of course, but it is rather a comfortable and useful accessory for women with longer hair, no matter their age.

A Variety of Products

If all hair bobbles were brought together in a single shop, it would probably be extremely difficult to sort them out. There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles that it is really difficult to make a decision. You can get practically any colour or combination of colours. Also there is no limit on the shape, which means that you may find flowers, animals, butterflies, hearts, fruits, and stones. The materials are also quite diverse and you can get glass, crystals, plastic, stone, fabric, feathers and all sorts of material. The finishes could be lacquer, shiny, bright, or matte.

Where to Buy

The Internet makes life easy and instead of going through a number of shops, with the click of a mouse you are in any of the online hair accessories stores. These are shops which sell anything related to hair from hair pins to hair grips. Here are just some examples: glitz4girlz.com, shopstyle.co.uk, babyhair.co.uk, glitzy-jewels.co.uk. You can also try shop.ebay.co.uk which is a source of many interesting products.

Price Expectations

Hair bobbles, just like any other products, can be many prices depending on factors such as quality, materials, complexity, brand, availability, design and so forth. Here are some examples:

  • Baby bobbles can cost between £0.35 and £2.50
  • Women serious flower bobbles can cost as much as £20
  • An animal print, children’s hair bobble is around £2.50

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