Three Fun Ways to Wear Hair Bands

Hair bands are stylish and the easiest accessory to wear. No matter how long or short your hair is you can pull off a headband if you choose the right style for your hair type. And, with all the different styles out there today, it would be impossible to not fall in love with two or three or even a dozen new hair bands right now.

Fun Ways to Wear your Favourite Hair Bands

Before learning how to wear your hair bands, you need to make sure you have the right one for your hair. A good rule is that the shorter your hair, the thinner the band should be. But rules are made to be broken, so experiment until you find the right width and style to match your look.

Curly Kinky Hair

Curly, kinky hair can be hard to tame, but it is the envy of every straight-haired woman out there. Play up your curls and kinks by doing an updo with strappy hair bands.

- Pull hair into a high ponytail- Bush and fan the hair out, giving the ponytail volume and height.- Slide on a strappy hair band two inches back from the hairline. You can also use slide-in hair bands.- Choose glitzy hair bands to add sparkle and shine to the look.

Long Locks

You can do so many things with long hair but the trendiest thing today is letting it hang loose and using hair bands to do the work for you.

- Create loose waves if you don’t already have wavy hair and create a centre part.- Slide a hair band three inches back from the hairline.- Let the front hair loose to frame the face.- Have fun with bedazzled and embellished hair bands. Choose ones adorned with butterflies, flowers or jewels.

Any Length Hair

Hair bands are so versatile that one look can work on any hair length.

- Tease the crown to add volume and slick back.- Place a double or tripled strapped hair band behind the ear.- Alternatively, you can use two or three Alice bands in different designs spaced a few inches apart to create the same look but with a unique style.

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