A Hair Accessory Faux Pas: Are You A Scrunchie Girl?

You couldn’t escape the scrunchie craze in the 80’s. It was literally everywhere from the runway to the waitress at the corner shop. Although this hair accessory craze seemed to have died out during the 90’s, occasionally one pops up now and then to cause a big stir. Like when Catherine Zeta Jones sported the outdated hair accessory a few months ago or when Sienna Miller and Hilary Clinton followed suit. But is there a time and a place for the scrunchie today? Many say yes!

Hair Accessory 101: Where to Wear

Wearing a scrunchie in public is one thing, but wearing them privately seems to be okay. This versatile hair accessory, although out of style, is hard to give up. It is easy to use, gentle on the hair, and if you are honest with yourself, looks great. So when is it okay to wear one?

In the bedroom – Many women throw a scrunchie in before bed because it helps to keep their mane under control whilst they sleep.

In the bathroom – When washing your face or putting on makeup, nothing keeps the hair out of your way like the scrunchie, the almost perfect hair accessory. Just throw the hair on top of your head and beautify away.

Exercising at home – It must to be stressed, wearing a scrunchie when you exercise in the home is totally acceptable. However, wearing a scrunchie to the gym is not, that little hair accessory will draw attention that you don’t want.

Around the home – Basically, anywhere in your home or private world that you have the chance to wear a scrunchie, do it. No one will ever find out, so enjoy it.

Hair Accessory 102: Where NOT to Wear

Although the scrunchie brings back great memories, keep those memories and the scrunchies to yourself – privately. The scrunchie should not be worn in public today. It is an outdated hair accessory that doesn’t fit in with today’s styles.

However, if you are desperate for a scrunchie, try the faux hair scrunchies. This cute hair accessory has all the fun of a scrunchie with a modern, updated twist, and celebrities love it.


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