Looking for hair accessories for weddings?

  • picnik

Accessories can make an outfit and for no occasion is this more true than when looking for hair accessories for weddings. A smart yet unexciting outfit can be transformed by the right jewellery, handbag and hair accessories chosen for weddings.

Instead of the more traditional hat, fascinators have become extremely popular in recent years as the ultimate hair accessories for weddings. Usually fastened into the hair using a hair comb, fascinators come in every colour imaginable and are usually adorned with feathers and jewels. They can be made to order to ensure that they match the rest of the outfit in terms of style and colour, and are bound to make a statement whatever they are teamed with. Large High Street shops such as Next, Debenhams and John Lewis all stock a good range of fascinators at extremely affordable prices, or you could visit a company such as The Tailors Cat who hand make bespoke fascinators and other hair accessories.

Other hair accessories for weddings are hair combs, pins and slides. They can be understated such as small diamante or pearl beads on the ends of hair pins or slides, or can be more glamorous such as statement hair slides or combs designed to cover larger portions of the head. They can be used to hold hair styles in place, or simply to glam up a more plain hairstyle. Monsoon Accessorize and Claire's Accessories are a good place to start your hunt for hair accessories for weddings, especially if your budget is tighter. You could also look at the accessories section in department stores, or try more specialist shops that sell one off unusual pieces. Many second hand and antique shops have jewellery and accessories sections where you are bound to find something special.

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