Hair accessories with flowers

Flowers have been used by people to decorate their hair for centuries and can still be seen today, in both catwalk and on the high street.

If you are looking for something to dazzle in the evening why not log onto the pretty pieces website and purchase a gorgeous dahlia hair flower. This hair flower would look great as a decoration in your hair and can be added simply with an alligator clip. This hair flower is the perfect accessory and has multiple uses as it can also be worn as brooch on your best jacket – log online now and buy this from only £2.99.

Hair accessories with flowers are a great way to add a designer touch to your hair, log onto the Monsoon website online and you could buy a unique blue coloured origami hair set for as little as £5.00. This great hair set includes a range of clips and elasticated hair bands decorated in origami style flowered detail.

If you fancy a ‘wow’ factor hair accessory that adds a creative touch to your up do go onto the Monsoon website and buy a pony to tie. This crochet flower has a gem centre and would look fantastic for any occasion – buy it now from only £3.00.

There is a huge range of fantastic hair accessories adorned with flowers out there – so whether you want your hair accessorised with a flower on a small hair grip or a jaw clip hand painted with beautiful flowers you are sure to find something to suit you!

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