Stylish and Cute Hair Accessories: Barrettes

An easy way to add some fun to a boring hairdo is to use a few barrettes. Barrettes can be used to pull back or fasten areas of your hair to create a different style, or just to add some unique hair adornments.

If you have short hair and like hair accessories, barrettes are great for pinning back small sections of hair. Twist small pieces of hair at each side of your head and pin them back with cute barrettes. You can use matching barrettes or two completely different designs. It's entirely up to you.

Pull back a section of hair from your forehead, twist once and secure with a beautiful French barrette. Perfect for days when you don't feel like washing and styling your hair before you leave the house, but you still need to look chic.

For long hair accessories, the possibilities are endless. Secure a long braid with a huge vintage barrette. Twist your hair in a loose chignon and make it even sexier with a pretty floral barrette.

The beauty of barrettes is they're cheap, they're sold in thousands of stores and online shops, they're versatile and come in just about every colour and style imaginable.

www.stone-bridge.co.uk sells the most gorgeous French and Italian barrettes, and they're all handmade. Pick up an Italian Swarovski crystal barrette, or a pair of tiny barrettes in the shape of Scottish terriers. Adorable.

Looking for wholesale barrettes? www.crisco.co.uk has a huge selection. Or, why not check out www.incauk.com, with their stunning vintage and floral style barrettes. Perfect for any occasion.

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