Choosing the Right H and M Bikinis for your Body

After spending all that time getting your body beach-ready, it is time to make sure you have the best suit to go with it and show off. Choosing just any bikini off the rack is fine if you plan to spend the summer in your backyard. But if you are looking to make an impression, pick up a few H and M bikinis that flatter and accent your body.

If you are Petite...

Petite bodies need to stick with small pieces like the string bikini. They also need to also stay away from large prints and opt for small ones or better yet – solid, bold colours.

Petites look best in little tops, like the bandeau bikini top. The front adds volume to the bust and accentuates the shoulders. The small pieces also add length to the body.

Choose H and M bikini bandeau and triangle tops that are solid to flatter curves without overwhelming your petite figure.

If you are Apple Shaped...

Apple shaped bodies lack definition around the waist, so you need a bikini that helps to create curves. Pieces that lengthen and define like bikini halter-tops and high waisted bottoms are perfect for apple shapes.

Try one of H&M bikini halter-tops with underwire to draw attention to the shoulders and pair it with a sarong to draw the eye to the waist. Choose a halter bikini top in solid colours and the sarong in a contrasting print.

You can also pair a lengthening halter-top with a pair of high-waisted bottoms. Choose a retro design to define the waist and smooth the tummy.

If you are Pear Shaped...

Pear shapes have the trickiest times buying bikinis because the top and bottom are usually different sizes. But luckily, H&M bikinis can be bought in separates, so you can mix and match bikini pieces and sizes easily.

Pear shapes have a slender torso, petite busts, and full hips to work with. A halter bikini top will broaden the shoulders to keep in proportion with the hips. Pair that with some cute sexy shorts in a contrasting colour for a super sexy bikini look.

Mismatched pieces are best for pear shaped bodies as it balances out the body. Choose a print top to draw the eye and solid bottoms to smooth and lengthen.

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