gypsy prom dresses - the fairytale begins!

Gypsy prom dresses are now a popular concept owing to the runaway success of the hit Channel 4 documentary, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. This show portrayed members of the travelling community wearing jewelled encrusted gowns and heavy tiaras as the ultimate in fantasy clothing. This means that designers have now increased their selections of very full skirted gowns and diamante, applique and embroidery is very prevalent and visible.

If you're thinking of buying a gypsy style prom dress then a good place to start looking would be redcarpetgowns.co.uk where you can purchase the "Stella" ballgown for £250. This gown features a very full skirt, corset lace up back and extensive beadwork along with a split shoulder strap. The dress is royal blue in colour and comes in a range of sizes starting at 4 and going right up a size 20.

Another dress that would fill the gypsy criteria is the "Anais" prom dress. This will set you back £300 but it is the ultimate fairytale ball gown as it features multiple tulle skirts with built in underskirts, a crystal beaded bodice and a lace up back. Even the colours are eye catching as it is available in red or Caribbean blue. This gown also starts at a size 4 and goes up to a size 20.

The "Stephanie" prom dress comes in either yellow or fuschia, ranges in size from a 4 to a 16 and costs slightly less than the "Anais" at £260. This dress has multiple layers of tulle and a heavy satin bodice. Ruched tulle and sparkling beadwork make this yet another possibility when searching for the perfect gypsy prom dress!

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