Gwynny's cankle weights

Call us lazy but the furthest we go in the pursuit of perfect pins is climbing the stairs at work when the lift is out of order. So we tip our hat at Gwynny Paltrow for going the extra mile, stepping out of a gym with ankle weights attached to her trotters. Insane? Yes, if you inhabit normal stratas of society, no if you're a filmstar headed straight to cougarsville and your pins are your best asset.

So, what's the science behind these beauts? Answer: not a lot. They, er make your feet heavier. The Daily Mail elaborates: 'ankle and wrist weights are used a lot in fitness regimes to add extra resistance and can boost calorie burning. They can also be beneficial in yoga and pilates, which Gwyneth is a fan of'.

We can't wait to see her popping out for a pint of milk in London wearing the odd appendages....

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