Guilty Galliano

Fashion designer John Galliano has been found guilty today of racist and anti-Semitic abuse. Former head designer at Dior, as well as his own label, Galliano has been ordered to pay a suspended fine of €6,000 by a Paris Court.

Although Galliano will not have to pay the fine, the damage to his reputation and position within the fashion world has already been disastrous. He was dropped by Dior when the allegations came to light, followed quickly by his own label.

According to the Guardian Galliano claimed in court that he couldn’t remember the incident, which involved a French couple in a café in Paris earlier this year, due to a triple addiction to alcohol, sleeping pills and Valium. He puts these addictions down to the stress of the fashion industry, saying: ‘After every creative high I would crash and the drink would help me to escape’.

He told of how his work schedule was so intense he even had to return to the studio immediately after the funerals of his father and two close friends. When asked about his statement, caught on video, ‘I love Hitler’, Galliano said: ‘These are not views that I hold or believe in … I see someone who needs help, who's vulnerable. It's the shell of John Galliano. I see someone who's been pushed to the edge.’

Galliano has entered rehab for his addictions and clearly still has close allies within the fashion world – notably Kate Moss, who chose to wear one of his designs for her wedding this year – so time will tell if he manages to rebuild his shattered reputation.

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