Guess who has their own label...

The star of Hannah Montana has gone ahead and done it: Miley Cyrus is the latest celeb to release her very own clothing line. She's at the back of a queue of a long line of celebrity fashionistas, most of whom have done well, with a couple of notable exceptions...Let's take a peak into the pantheon of celebrity fashion designers.

Gwen Stefani. She made the move from singer to star in 2006 when she set up L.A.M.B. Eccentric like the star herself, the line is a bit of punk, a bit of cool, and a whole lot of attitude. A+.

Rachel Bilson. The OC starlet released her very own line, 'Edie Rose', under New York designer DKNY. She cites Kate Moss and Diane Keaton as inspiration. It may not be too original, but the pieces are hot. A.

Kate Moss. The outfits may not be the best quality, but she's got a great marketing team. They'll make you believe the line can make you look like the supermodel herself. If only it was that easy... We give it B+.

Chloe Sevigny. The style queen tops our list with her the line she designed for Opening Ceremony. It's so uncool that it's cool - just like the model-actress herself. A++.

Savannah and Sienna Miller. Classic and very British, Twelve8Twelve may not make fashion history, but we love the coats in the collection: comfortable and sexy at the same time. B.

Miley Cyrus. A collaboration between Cyrus and stylist Max Azria, the line will be released in Wal-Mart this Autumn. Based on our exclusive preview, we give it A.

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