Gucci Wars

It's crocodile handbags with ostentatious logos at dawn over in Milan, at the home of the Gucci's. The Gucci family are in the midst of a battle over plans by the great-grand daughter of the Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci (no, really), to set up a chain of swanky hotels in Dubai. The Gucci Group, run by another side of the family, have furiously hit back.

The family released a statement saying,'Gucci wants to make clear that it has no relationship to Elisabetta Gucci Hotels and that it is not involved in any project whatsoever with Elisabetta Gucci Hotels. Gucci filed the lawsuit against Elisabetta Gucci and the parties involved seeking injunctive relief in order to protect its rights.'

This feud is only the latest in a long history of very public battles. In 1995, Patrizia Reggiana organised the bumping off of her ex, Maurizio Gucci - and was promptly despatched to jail. Ridley Scott is planning to make a film about the sorry (but highly glamorous) saga.

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