Gucci spring / summer 2010

Space-aged chic kicked off proceedings at the Gucci spring/summer 2010 Milan Fashion Week show. White-silver padded leggings teamed with black and white silk shirts, spiky, mainly silver heels, bold symmetrical patterns, tassles and plunge neck dresses were hot hot hot. Evening dresses were mini, flesh baring creations designed to draw the eye to the neck which was adorned with tubular - often black necklaces, and the face with barely there make-up.

As with all 2010 spring / summer collections the semi-cropped jacket featured heavily. A black slashed leggings combo with skinny belt and short black jacket screamed clubber-chic, as did the lush red snakeskin clutch accompanying it. A couple of night time dresses seemed to have taken inspiration from a deck of cards (see below, you'll know what we mean.) The less uberchicwear - billed as sports wear, had us drooling. Noone does wintry white snow jackets and pin-tight trouser sets like Gucci.

While the collection rarely strayed from familiar territory for Gucci, we felt it did rather too easily what it said on the tin. Were we the only ones left underwhelmed? Check out the show below.

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