Gucci 's Spring and Summer 2013 colourful collection

Put away the safe black and grey, and get ready for Gucci’s highly colorful outfits for the 2013 Spring and Summer season.

This season Gucci is all about bright and bold colors with an array of highly sophisticated and stunning chic prints and luxurious fabrics that would make any woman want to say I’ve got to have at least one of these outfits so I can be a refined and sensual woman.

The collection that we saw during the Milan show last September includes 70’s style silky palazzo pants and tunics, so very light and fluid, that they slip over the body with a pleasurable shiver of coolness.

Tenuously colored reptile snakeskin - style patterns and Oriental Japanese wallpaper sea anemone florals obtained from fibers of Japanese paper, that graces not only the dresses, but also the suits, and even the summer trench coat which is also snakeskin printed, with the addition of highly embellished mandarin-style collars.

And we can’t forget Gucci’s shirt-jackets, pantsuits, high-neck blouses, and cocooned styled mini dresses and column evening dresses, with no sleeves to one sleeve, to every type of sleeve known to stylists, ranging from kimono, flute, bell to butterfly and puffed and ruffled, and there is no lack of ruffles in the entire Spring Summer collection, with big and stiff, architectural ruffles, and flounce is huge this season as it was also seen in Givenchy, Burberry and the Altuzarra collections.

Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini decided that plunging necklines were a little démodé, and replaced with them with high necklines but sexuality excludes from the keyhole or plunging cutouts at the back of the dresses and the outfits are all intense and bold statements of colors that range from azalea, pink, fuchsia, coral, cobalt blue, turquoise, citrus yellow, spring green, emerald green, but also the obligatory black and white.

'These are portraits of aristocratic women,' said Frida Giannini of the collection. 'Evoking a strong allure with a clean, precise, defined aesthetic.

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