Gucci in 3D!

Imagine the scene: you are on a date, going to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster in eye-watering 3D. Your hair is perfect, your outfit is just-so, and your make up is the very essence of beauty but – oh horror – you have just been handed a pair of Jimmy Saville-esque giant specs to wear by the cinema usher. NOOOOOO!

It’s a tragic story that we are hearing about all too often in these 3D-loving days. But fear not, fashionistas, because a superhero in Gucci clothing is about to save the day. The luxury brand has announced that it is launching its own version of the 3D cinema glasses next month, writes Grazia.

The glasses will have a retro 80s vibe, described by the Gucci press office as ‘pilot-shaped plastic aviator in shiny black [which] features an eighties retro sensibility that was originally released earlier this year as part of the Gucci Eyeweb sunglass collection, a youth-oriented offering of styles designed by creative cirector Frida Giannini.’ The bad news is that they are only on sale from Gucci boutiques in the US and they will retail for $225. You’d better start saving, movie lovers.

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