Learn About Gucci Handbags in the UK

Gucci handbags in the UK have long been associated with opulence and exclusivity. To be seen with one was to be regarded with the awe and high esteem accorded to royalty. Of late though, a number of other designers have forced themselves into the market of brands, which offer the same notion of glamour and haute couture. Prada, Dolce Gabbana and Versace are some of the Italian fashion giants that have always shared the designer bags market with Gucci. Other brands such as Dents and Diesel have only recently joined the fray.

Reclaiming the Throne

To reclaim its rightful place as one of the most glamorous names in fashion in the UK market, Gucci needs to re-assess its marketing approach. It must make sure it stays in the psyche of the youth and young adults. We need to see more and more celebrities draped in Gucci accessories when they showcase their elegant selves in red-carpet events such as movie premiers and film festivals. This is apart from prominent ads in fashion publications.

Online Presence

With most information being accessed from the Internet nowadays, Gucci must ensure that it has a significant web footprint. On top of that, one should easily be able to purchase a wrist bag from Gucci online. Thankfully, on that score Gucci is up to speed and listed below is a list of places you can buy Gucci handbags on the web:

  • Fashionshop.co.uk
  • Ukhandbags.com
  • Shopstyle.co.uk
  • Leathershop.co.uk

How Much You’ll Spend

If you want a Gucci bag, you will have to pay a premium price for the privilege. Take a deep breath because genuine Gucci handbags in the UK are no cheap thrill and start at more than £1000, up to the ‘Jackie’ shoulder bag for a mere £5200.

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