Where To Find Gucci Handbags On Sale Online

There are many websites that have Gucci handbags on sale. As with such highly prized designer items several of these websites offer replica handbags for a fraction of the standard retail price of the genuine article, however as is to be expected with such products the low price tag quite often indicates low quality. Should you wish to ensure that your Gucci handbag looks and feels genuine then it is always advisable to buy from reputable sellers – with Gucci.com being the most reputable of them all.

The Gucci website is well laid out and simple to use. Current Gucci handbags on sale on the website include the ‘gucci 1973’ medium shoulder flap bag with double G detail in grape colour python skin. It is lined with leather and has a removable mirror inside which is engraved with the Gucci logo and has its own leather case. The handbag costs £2,220 with the cost of delivery being £12.50.

Another website which sells Gucci handbags is farfetch.com. Farfetch is a website that showcases the products being sold by independent boutiques around the world. One boutique on farfetch.com is Tessabit who are located in Italy. Currently Tessabit have a Gucci ‘Heritage’ bag as part of their sale for £1,299.00 (30% lower than the recommended retail price of £1,855.71). The Heritage bag is a leopard print design and has a detachable luggage tag embossed with the Gucci logo. Tessabit have several other Gucci handbags on sale via farfetch.com including the ‘New Bamboo’ bag for £3109.00 and the ‘Jungle Grande’ bag available for £1,439.00.

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