Gucci for Unicef, take 5

Aww, everyone likes when fashion gives something back. The Gucci for Unicef fashion-charidee partnership has been running 5 years. To date it has raised over £7million for education, clean water and healthcare in Africa.

The latest collection, called Snowman in Africa, is inspired by the best selling children's book, Snowman in Paradise. The Joy Bag and purse features a snowman standing in a cornfield in Africa, emblazoned onto the Gucci print. The book will be sold alongside the bag with 100% of profits going to Unicef for the book, and 25% for the bag. (Could Gucci have been a tad more generous there?)

The Joy bag comes with a matching money purse which fits neatly inside. The collection is available from November 16 until December 31st online and from Gucci stores. (Click on the charity accessories section.) Celebrities are already climbing all over themselves to get one - expect it to sell out fast!

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