Gucci disrupts London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has been thrown into chaos by the pesky folk over at Gucci HQ in Milan, writes the Daily Telegraph. Models used in the shows for London designers have been called over to Italy for fittings just hours before they were due on the catwalks in the UK.

Such is the power of the Italian luxury brand that dozens of models immediately boarded planes to Milan as soon as they were summoned, despite being booked to appear on catwalks here in London. This resulted in agencies and bookers frantically scrabbling round at the very last minute trying to find replacements for runways in London. Many claim that London is being squeezed out of the fashion game by Milan and New York, cities which sit either side of the UK capital in the fashion calendar.

Carol White, Founder of London-based model agency Premier, told the Telegraph: ‘Gucci demanded that girls fly to Milan on Saturday to meet [creative director Frida Giannini] to see if she would consider them for her show, which meant Saturday got trashed. Then the girls were expected to fly straight back to London, and if Gucci were interested, fly back to Milan again on Sunday for another round of casting, then for fittings on Monday.’

The potential career boost that appearing in a Gucci show can give to a model is enough for the Milan and New York agencies to immediately ditch their London bookings to send their girls to the Gucci casting but, says White: ‘Only a tiny fraction of them realistically have a shot at being in that show - we all know it will be full of mega girls. I find it insulting that a designer like Frida thinks London is so insignificant that she would do that. Where's the camaraderie?’

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