Groundwork Snow Boots - the low-down

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There are currently some excellent offers on ski and snow gear. Read on to find out more and for some helpful information on Groundwork snow boots.


Groundwork design and manufacture high quality work and snow boots. Their snow boots are specifically designed for winter weather and can be worn in heavy snow that has just fallen. These boots are waterproof and have added grip on the sole to prevent you from slipping.

Groundwork snow boots

For men Groundwork provide textile, easy slip on, padded snow boots. These are quality footwear that has a breathable textile upper with padded lining and non slip soles. They can be worn inside out either to be more fashionable or as a warm pair of boots on a cold day. Prices range from around £25 to £50 and this price represents great value considering what you get. For women Groundwork do warm mucker boots and wellies for snowy conditions. The boot has a Velcro closure with a tough outdoor sole. They are also cold resistant and provide foot insulation. Again prices ranged are usually between £25 and £50. There are also unisex waterproof snow boots starting from £25.

Where to get them

Most of the main outdoor activity and shoe retailers across the UK will stock Groundwork snow boots. This includes Priceless Shoes and Barratts. Many online retailers also sell Groundwork boots. eBay, Amazon and SupaPrice all sell these boots at excellent prices. Because it is the off season many of these companies are offering significant reductions and savings.

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