Gripfast walking boots; all you need to know.

If you are looking for a boot for hill walking and other such activities then Gripfast walking boots might not be the best option. While Gripfast make a great range of boots, if you need them specifically for walking there are better boots out there.

Gripfast make some seriously tough boots. They make boots that are more along the lines of Doc Martins though, would you hill walk in Doc Martins, we think not! They are much more of a fashionable item rather than a functional boot.

Check them out yourself online (http://www.tukshoes.com) and see what you think. While the designs are cool and they are comfortable they are definitely not made with walking in mind. Regardless of whether you are hill walking or just walking the dog these boots will not give you the support you need. Let's take a look at something that will.

The Merrell Moab Mid Gore Tex XCR (www.merrell.com) is the champion boot when it comes to walking on any terrain. They cost around £100 but you will be getting the very best boot on the market. Unlike the Gripfast boots, the Merrell is completely waterproof and has amazing breathability. These are two major factors when it comes to long walks. Most importantly they have great arch support, this basically means you can go for long without pain or risk of injury.

These boots are designed with walking at the forefront. They knew the customer and the built the boot specifically for them. The same can be said of Gripfast, they tailor their boots to a fashion concious audience but they are not made as a walking boot.

When it comes to Gripfast, walking boot should be two words kept well away from their range. Check out the Merrell Moab and see what a real walking boot is all about.

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